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Pre-service and Beginning Teacher Resources

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Resources for helping with planning aka Survival 101


1) Using Teaching as Inquiry to Support Secondary English Programme Planning


Planning Using Inquiry  - English Online - an interactive tool created by MoE and English Online. Steps you through using a Teaching as Inquiry framework to guide your programme planning. Includes questions you should ask yourself before planning your programme, plus lots of supporting research, reading and viewing.


Using Teaching as Inquiry to improve student outcomes.docx -article from English in Aotearoa 2010

English in Aotearoa Editorial - what new curriculum.doc - editorial from English in Aoteroa 2010

Planning sheet2011.doc - blank planning sheet for 2011

English Unit Planner.doc - Tweaked Unit Planner, based on PPTA one. Have added a section on Teaching and Learning Sequence.


2) Considering standards alignment within your planning.


Getting ready for Level One NCEA 2011 - resources from 2010 workshop days run at Kohia Teachers Centre (Team Solutions)


Thematic Planning Unit Planner.doc - developed from material originally presented by Leanne Webb.

Thematic Planning sheet2011.doc - developed from material originally presented by Leanne Webb.

Thematic Planning sheet.doc - developed from material originally presented by Leanne Webb.

Year Planner Examples for 2011 - shared resources from workshop days


3) Making an e-learning action plan!


Using ICTs in English  - resources from 2010 workshop day run at Kohia Teachers Centre (Team Solutions)

Teaching and e-learning blog - the blog that I have developed to support the ICT PD contract at Epsom Girls Grammar School. Resources and strategies to support using ICTs in and beyond the classroom.

ICTs in English blog - the blog that compliments the English online ICTs in English listserve


Useful Links and resources

English Online - one stop shop of resources, pedagogical advice and teaching and learning sequences.

NZQA English Resources page - English specific resources on NZQA, this links to Level 1, you can then access Level 2 and 3 from here.

Beginning Teachers of English - a page of resources developed for a Beginning Teachers of English workshop held in 2010 at Kohia Teachers Centre for Team Solutions

Online workshops - just a few wiki workshops I have developed aimed at secondary teachers. Topics include how to set up a wiki, and differentiation workshops.

English Online listserves - join these! - great source of advice and support, you cn request resources and advice and get responses from over 700 English teachers across the country.

10 strategies for supporting the teaching of film - a page of resources, ideas and strategies orginally developed for a school workshop.


Creative Writing and Essay Resource.doc - This is a creative writing and essay writing resource that was originally developed to support school based workshops.

Planning your programme and units.doc - A rather large and meandering document with lots of tips, advice resources. Some original, some borrowed, some tweaked. This is the one that has the "checklists" of what needs to be covered for each type of unit at each level. It's a bit huge so you may like top skim, copy and paste the bits you want.


Need advice - feel free to email me at am@eggs.school.nz

or follow me on twitter @ClaireAmosNZ


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