Year Planner Examples for 2011

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Please note these these are draft planners, they are not necessarily trialled and tested, but are simply a way of sharing all of the fabulous ideas brewing out there! The more ideas we can share, the better!


Some thinking from Westlake Boys 

5ENF Outline.docx (low band)

5ENG Outline.docx (middle band)

6ENF Outline.docx


An approach to planning courses from Robin Holding (TGS)

Designing a Year 11 course for 2011[2].doc


Some thinking from Pakuranga
2011 Level 1 course v2.docx


Some thinking from Edgewater

Level 1 themes for 2011.docx


Some thinking from Westmount

Draft Year 11 Outline V1 A.doc

Sample thematic approach.doc