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Getting ready for Level One NCEA 2011

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A workshop by Claire Amos for Team Solutions



  • Introductions
  • Burning issues 
  • Outline of day 


Blue sky thinking

  • In a world without assessment…
  • What do we want our Year 11s to learn and experience?


Planning sheet2011.doc  


Looking at the Matrix

  • Looking at the new matrix
  • What are the changes, what have we lost, what are we concerned about and what are the opportunities??

Link to aligned English matrix and standards on TKI


Unpacking the new standards

  • Expert panels – each group will be given one standards to unpack. They will compare to past standards, identify changes, prepare Teaching and Learning advice, Study the task exemplars. Prepare to report back to the group.


Activity: Expert panels study new standards and task exemplars and then report back to the group


AS1.1 old, new and conditions.doc (fixed version!)

AS1.2 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.3 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.4 old, new and conditions.docx

AS1.5 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.6 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.7 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.8 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.9 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.10 old, new and conditions.doc

AS1.11 old, new and conditions.doc  

Unpacking the standards.doc

Aligned Standard Summary.doc


Designing programmes for a range of students

  • Discussion of ways we can meet the needs of a range of students


Activity: Working in a group of their choice (Top band, Mid band, low band, and mixed ability) to design sample year programmes


Thematic Planning Unit Planner.doc

Thematic Planning sheet.doc

Thematic Planning sheet2011.doc

Planning sheet2011.doc


Year Planner Examples for 2011


Creating original tasks for the new assessments (if there is time)

  • Discussion about why we use TKI tasks and how we can shift away from this


Activity: Working on an internal standard(s) of their choice teachers will work on a sample task and present back to the group.


Task Planning Template.doc  


Resources and reflection

  • Answering burning issues that have not been addressed
  • Course Evaluation 


Please feel free to use any ideas or resources on this site with your school. It would be great if you could acknowledge the source when used with your staff. I am happy to give extra ideas and assistance about how you might use the resources. I would also love to hear your feedback. c.amos@auckland.ac.nz


Kind regards


Claire Amos

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